Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Baby Spinach and Buffalo Hummus (Vegan)

Time for lunch or a simple dinner: Start with two over-sized slices of garlic sourdough sandwich bread. Slather one slice generously with organic Buffalo style hummus. Add a handful of ribbons of baby spinach. Take two slices of plant-based smoked gouda cheese alternative and break up into pieces that overlap without overhanging the outer edges of the bread. Coat the cast iron skillet with a bit of olive oil and pre-heat on medium heat. Melt a large dollop of Earth Balance buttery spread in the skillet. Add the assembled sandwich to the skillet, push down with a metal turner and cook for about two minutes. Flip the sandwich, add a little more olive oil to the skillet and cook for about two more minutes to melt the cheese alternative and to give the bread the desired degree of brown-ness. Add a little more olive oil to the pan after turning. Remove from the skillet. Artfully cut into two on an angle, rather than at a square (90 degree) angle.

This is definitely not my mother’s grilled cheese sandwich recipe. One prominent feature on our kitchen counter was a grilled cheese sandwich maker, capable of cooking two sandwiches, typically with white bread and Kraft brand American cheese food singles.

A cast iron skillet does the work well, aiding in the browning of the outside of the bread. You can get all fancy and use a panini press to make your grilled cheese.

When I decided I was vegan about seven years ago, I was not aware of any vegan cheese slices that melted when heated. Vegan food science has come a long way and now there are many vegan options for meltable cheese. Violife, Chai, and Whole Foods 365 brands offer a variety of very meltable vegan cheese slices that my family enjoys.


Garlic sourdough sandwich bread.

I scored a great discount at my local Grocery Outlet store which has a great range of vegan foods, typically 40% or higher discount versus regular grocery store prices. IMG_20190703_174103

Organic Buffalo style hummus.

This is a relatively new Trader Joe’s product. I suppose you could take regular hummus and whisk in some of your favorite hot sauce. For me that would be Valentina or Cholula brand.

Organic baby spinach.

This was a $2.99 bargain for 5 ounces at Grocery Outlet.

Plant-Based smoked gouda cheese alternative.

I used Whole Foods Market 365 brand, which melts to yummy gooeyness in the hot skillet. You might prefer cheddar or another flavor from Violife, Chai, or 365 brands. IMG_20190703_174128

Olive Oil.

I used one of the Trader Joe’s branded oils. I also like Bragg’s brand for everyday use. IMG_20190703_174738244_HDR

Vegan margarine.

I used Earth Balance organic whipped buttery spread because I had it in the fridge and another family member prefers it over Miyoko’s VeganButter. This also was a bargain buy from Grocery Outlet.


SHOPPING TIP: Violife also has an amazing vegan parmesan wedge, if you want something other than grated nuts with nutritional yeast for pasta or vegan Caesar salad.



Tonight’s dinner was delayed by daddy lap / nap time. IMG_20190703_171703227

4 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Baby Spinach and Buffalo Hummus (Vegan)

  1. This is an insane sandwich combo! Another great thing I’ve taken on since going vegan is trying crazy combos— I don’t always post them but I tried an insane sandwich combo while I was in London— chorizo, refried beans and cheeze! All vegan of course 🙂 It was delicious and this sounds yummy too— would have never thought to put cheeze and hummus together!

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