Today’s Smoothie: Ginger Nectarine

Summertime means an abundance of fresh fruits. Stone fruit, locally grown is an otherworldly experience versus out-of-season fruit shipped from the southern hemisphere. Add fresh ginger root for flavor perfection and dried white mulberries for protein and berry flavor boost. As mentioned in a recent smoothie post: Dried white mulberries are a heart-healthy superfood, also … Continue reading Today’s Smoothie: Ginger Nectarine

Superfood Smoothies

Most popular cookbook in my kitchen: Superfood Smoothies. Check out this review!

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I recently had a new smoothie place open around the corner so I decided to write a post on smoothies.

Kids love smoothies.

Adults love smoothies!

They can be delicious and refreshing — boosting your energy and helping you lead a healthier lifestyle. Superfood Smoothies recipes contain loads of vitamins and minerals and some creative techniques to make them as healthy as can be.

Superfood Smoothies was written by Julie Morris, a best-selling author who knows her stuff about plant-based and super foods. Her recipes are cutting edge for using antioxidants and other nutrients to provide the healthiest lifestyle possible.

The book contains over 100 recipes and tips that you’ll use for yourself and your family. The recipes are well thought out and concocted to maximize everything you’re looking for in a smoothie…energy, taste, nutrients and texture.

When you try the smoothie recipes in Morris’ book, you’ll be…

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