Today’s Smoothie: Grapefruit Rainbow Chard

Two whole grapefruits and a large leaf (and stalk) of rainbow chard take center stage in this smoothie. Leaving out banana allows the nuttiness of the hemp to come through. This is a light drink, perfect for a warm Spring day here in Northern California. About Grapefruit: There is no mysterious fat-burning phytonutrient in grapefruit. … Continue reading Today’s Smoothie: Grapefruit Rainbow Chard

Today’s Smoothie: I’ve Got the Thyme

This smoothie recipe continues on the theme of “anything but chocolate.” It also harkens back to an earlier post where I included parsley, sage, and rosemary in a delicious green smoothie: Using two cups of chopped radicchio and adding a bit of cinnamon brought out a rosy hue to this green smoothie. So much … Continue reading Today’s Smoothie: I’ve Got the Thyme

Tempeh Bacon Avocado Reuben Sandwiches

Back in February I blogged about tempeh bacon: Today I tweaked my tempeh recipe a bit, used some olive oil and a cast-iron skillet for extra crispiness and put it to use for Reuben sandwiches for lunch. You are welcome to make your sandwiches more Reuben-ish than mine. Some sandwich highlights: I toasted seeded, … Continue reading Tempeh Bacon Avocado Reuben Sandwiches