Today’s Smoothie: Meet Me at the Corner of C and Green

Sometimes I feel like I need some extra vitamin C. Dose up on your vitamin C from eating a variety of fruits and vegetables or drinking them in your morning smoothie. It’s much more fun than taking a supplement pill. Today’s smoothie is the perfect intersection of mega C and mega green. What’s green about … Continue reading Today’s Smoothie: Meet Me at the Corner of C and Green

Today’s Smoothie: Royal Mandarin

Royal mandarin oranges are larger than the ubiquitous “cutie” mandarin oranges. The Cutie brand sells murcotts and clementine varieties, which are small and seedless. Royal mandarins are quite large and have seeds to be dealt with. Mandarins are a great source of vitamin C, have a good amount of vitamin A, and provide various antioxidants … Continue reading Today’s Smoothie: Royal Mandarin

Today’s Smoothie: Blood Orange

Blood oranges are nutritionally equivalent to your typical orange-hued oranges: high in vitamin C and a good source of calcium and vitamin A. Blood oranges also provide a significant amount of anthocyanin, an antioxidant that provides the reddish coloration of the blood orange’s flesh and skin. Antioxidants, in general, help to prevent cancers and heart … Continue reading Today’s Smoothie: Blood Orange

Thankfulness: A Food Alphabet

Foods and a libation I am thankful for, from A to Z. Almonds: for pesto or a quick snack with dried currants Baby bok choy: for stir-fries or breakfast smoothies Cauliflower: Buffalo-style, roasted slabs steak-style, mashed cauli-potatoes, or curries Daikon: pickled for veggie bahn mi Eggplant: miso-glazed or bacon-style Fennel fronds: pizza topping or salad garnish … Continue reading Thankfulness: A Food Alphabet