Today’s Smoothie: Pineapple Apple Watercress

The watercress series of posts continues. I’ve clearly established that watercress is not just for tea sandwiches and plate garnish. A couple of days’ late, here’s today’s weekday morning smoothie. Here, the pineapple and apple provide light fruitiness for this particularly green smoothie. I find it to be creamy and delicious. Before we get to … Continue reading Today’s Smoothie: Pineapple Apple Watercress

Today’s Smoothie: Kiwi, Moringa, and Greens, Oh My!

Kiwi and collard greens from this week’s produce box delivery get an additional boost of green from moringa leaf powder. Three kiwi fruits mingle nicely with the two frozen bananas, much like a strawberry-banana combo. Nutrition Highlights: Bananas are a better source of vitamins B-6 and C than potassium. About 8 bananas give you a … Continue reading Today’s Smoothie: Kiwi, Moringa, and Greens, Oh My!

Watercress Revisited: Hearty Three-Green Salad

I am determined not to waste the beautiful watercress that arrived last night in my bi-weekly produce box delivery. I enjoyed some in this morning’s orange smoothie, three of us enjoyed the following fancy salad as part of our 4-course family dinner. The menu today has been decidedly spontaneous and delicious. I have packed the … Continue reading Watercress Revisited: Hearty Three-Green Salad

Today’s Smoothie: Orange Watercress

Watercress is not just for tea sandwiches or a plate garnish. Watercress is a high-protein nutritional powerhouse. Watercress belongs to the cruciferous vegetable family that includes cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale. Two cups total 9 calories and provide plenty of vitamins K, C, and A, along with a fair amount of calcium, manganese, and potassium. … Continue reading Today’s Smoothie: Orange Watercress

Plant-Based Bacon Part One: Tempeh

Bacon is a food phenomenon these days: crispy, salty, sweet, and naughty. Once upon a time, the veg-world had tofu bacon, tempeh bacon, and Bac-O’s brand bacon bits. Plant-based food explorers have gone on to new bacon frontiers: Seitan bacon Eggplant bacon Coconut bacon Carrot bacon Rice paper bacon Today’s post begins a series where … Continue reading Plant-Based Bacon Part One: Tempeh